Hôtel Restaurant de Bouilhac

Massages & Spa in Montignac

Relaxation and Wellness space.

It is never too early to take care of your body and maintain your health capital. You want to talk or relax, our equipment is there to meet your expectations !

Our spa is open to people who are not clients of the hotel.
Indoor swimming pool heated in the heart of nature through the transparency of glass, swimming against the current, Balneotherapy area.
Medical table
Hydro-active massage table. Therapeutic equipment for different massage areas: whole body, torso, legs, neck, shoulders or lumbar area. It is therefore a complete tailor-made care equipment. The pressure/decompression effect of the vertebral column, allows an action on the whole body. The spa module offers you many additional functions: chromotherapy, light therapy, collagen therapy, ionization therapy, aromatherapy and music therapy.
GMP 414 Plus.
You will spend a real moment of relaxation thanks to technology. In 30 or 45 minutes you will purify yourself, cleanse your body, burn calories and feel better. Perfect for people looking for maximum relaxation of body and mind. Burn up to 800 calories per session, up to 1.2kg per session, ideal against water retention. Activation of blood circulation against cellulite.

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