Hôtel Restaurant de Bouilhac

Hotel & Restaurant in Montignac


An authentic experience, a diner by the fireplace in the medieval kitchen. A few more steps and the caves with the famous yellow stone invite you for diner.

At the end of the "chemin", the wine bottles tell stories about the local history and wineyards.
On the first floor, you can privatize the living-room for a unique moment out of time.

The Bouilhac Breakfast

A sweet and salty breakfast until 11:30 a.m. You can thus take advantage of your holidays to have a « sleep in » !


The Chef
As a farmer's son, I grew up in a family farm in the middle of the Black Périgord. Working in the fields, feeling the warmth of harvest diners, and seeing families pulling up together created in me strong values of work, and simplicity.

My grandmother's cuisine inspired me a sharp sens for different flavours. Iron cooked waffles, the smell of Merveilles, pastis from Quercy.

Black pudding and pork charcuterie are part of the most moving and unforgettable memories I carry with me everyday. Ducks remind me of a sweet smell of baked corn and of the best Truffle flavoured Foie Gras my grandfather used to create with passion.
Winemaker on the hillsides of the Lot, he used to work his vine using the help of horses. His love for transmission made him teach me most of his knowledge and in Patois language !

After school, I naturally joined a catering college in Bergerac. After my degree, I left for Upper-Savoy the place where I discovered gourmet cuisine. I joined different kitchen brigades where I got inspired ; among them l'Atmosphere, l'Albert 1er or la Maison Bleue.

After years of improving my skills, I felt like I needed to learn new things: understand how to manage a company, the financial aspect of it, learn new languages... I started a short business career that led me to the commercial part of a national company's management.

The day I met my wife Karine was a turning point in my life. Our love for each other, her creativity and determination led us to the amazing adventure of the Hôtel de Bouilhac.
For lunch or dinner, our menus and menus created by Chef Christophe Maury.
Served at lunchtime, our Bistro Menu, gourmet, simple and affordable !

In the evening, find our Gastronomic Menu, for a great culinary experience.
The restaurant is open every day, all year round.



A fantastic encounter with Jacqueline Leriche, a music teacher based in a little nearby village.

For many years, I played in different local music groups. I also composed some melodies.

My piano is in one of the rooms in the Hotel. Notice to amateurs and music lovers of all kinds!

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